Deploying systems and maintaining backups can be very time consuming endeavors. As your company grows, deploying a single application or even a simple settings change can quickly take up the majority of your time, not to mention making sure all of your backups are functioning properly. This is where Automation can become your best friend. Imagine a world where you can instantly deploy a new application to every computer in your company, configured exactly as you want, without ever having to touch a single workstation. How about rebuilding a Desktop with every application installed automatically or having all of your critical systems backed up with automatic notifications so you’re never left wondering if your data is safe. I’ll build you an environment that does just that.
Operating System Automation

If your company regularly deploys workstations, OS Automation will save you a ton of time and resources. I’ll design an environment that allows you to deploy workstations with all its necessary applications, drivers and settings already installed. With a click of a button you can deploy a workstation to a new employee or rebuild a machine being hit by a nasty virus in minutes, not hours. The best part is that you can have different applications install automatically for different employees all while only needing to maintain a single image. Your accounting department will get their accounting apps, while your sales staff gets their CRM software without any extra effort. I’ll show you all the things OS Automation can do for you.
Software Automation

Installing one application on one computer is not that difficult. Installing 2 or 3 applications on 10 or more machines means you’re going to be working some long hours unless you start Automating. There are many different technologies out there that are built specifically for Software Deployment. From simple scripting to enterprise class products that allow the deployment and management of hundreds of applications on thousands of workstations, I’ll assess your needs and create a repeatable process that will take the legwork out of deploying and configuring your applications.
Automated Backups

Probably the most overlooked and ironically one of the most important aspects of a solid IT environment is having backups of your critical systems and data. Backups are often put on the back burner and forgotten about because technically they aren’t needed for your business to function properly on a day-to-day basis. That remains true until your Accounting server crashes or a hard drive containing all of your important contracts decides to take a permanent vacation. Without backups or a way to recover your systems, your business could come to a “crashing” halt. You may be surprised to learn that there are very affordable ways to implement an automated backup solution in your environment which can be customized to accomodate any requirement. I’ll work with you to assess your most critical systems and not only provide a reliable backup solution, but a detailed disaster recovery plan as well.

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