Sorry, I don’t mean the fun kind of virtualization

Virtualization is becoming more and more mainstream everyday. Whether you’re looking to turn one server into many or want to cut down on the cost of buying and deploying desktops, Virtualization may be the solution for you. I have in-depth knowledge in building and maintaining Virtual Servers and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments. Not only will I help you weigh the cost and benefits of going with a Virtual solution, but I’ll also key you into the hidden pitfalls of implementing Virtualization so you’ll get the most out of your environment while avoiding major headaches.
Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers have opened a lot of doors for smaller companies. You no longer have to invest a ton of money in costly server hardware to build a robust enterprise environment. A single server can now house multiple Virtual Servers all while being completely transparent to your users. Don’t let the word “Virtual” throw you, even though these Virtual Servers share one piece of hardware, they can perform just as well as a single Stand-alone server while being a lot more resource efficient.

Virtual Servers are used in Production Environments around the world, but one of the hidden benefits of having a Virtual Infrastructure is with testing and development. If you have software you want to try out or updates you’re afraid to apply to your production servers, Virtual Servers provide an easy and cost effective way to build your very own Development Environment. Create virtual clones of your Production Servers and apply your changes. When you’re done, rollback to a previous image and you’re ready to test something new. All this can be done in the middle of the workday while your Production Servers remains safe and untouched.

I’ve just touched on the many benefits of using Virtual Servers. If you’re interest is piqued and you’re ready to delve into the world of Virtualization, I’m ready to be your guide.
VDI (Virtual Desktops)

Purchasing and deploying new desktops can be a costly undertaking. Instead of buying and deploying a new desktop for every employee, VDI allows a single server to act as a Virtual Desktop for everyone in your company. New Virtual Desktops can be deployed within seconds to any employee that requests one saving you a lot of time. Updates and new applications can be installed to a single image reducing maintenance costs. I know it all sounds like a fairy tale and while there is a learning curve with any new technology, once you have your VDI environment setup, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. I’ll be there every step of the way to design and create a VDI environment that is setup exactly as you want. If you’re interested in other ways to ease the burden of managing your Desktop Environment, check out my Deployment page.

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